Covid-19 Geratek Client Letter

Update – Geratek Covid-19 Response and Standard Operating Procedures and “How To” Posters and guidelines.


Preparedness, prevention, detection and control of the Corona Virus

Standard Operating Procedures – Human Resources Management

Standard Operation Procedures – Procurement

Resident and Support and care in the prevention and control of the corona virus

“Corona Virus Prevention – “How To” Posters

Physical Distancing

Hand Washing

Enter Reception

Visitor Access

Entering General Areas

Entering Rest Rooms


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Care of Personal Protective Equipment

Use of PPE – Donning and Doffing of Equipment

No Entry without a Mask

Using a Mask

Gazetted SSP Draft Bill for Public Comments

The Department is inviting comment on the Social Service Practitioners draft bill of 2019. These comments are to be submitted in writing within 60 days. More information is in the draft.

SSP Draft Bil

SARS Tax Clearance Certificates

SARS will be terminating the issuing of the printed Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) after 25 October 2019, as they are implementing a more secure and electronic Tax Compliance Status (TCS) system. Click the link below for more information.

SARS Tax Clearance Information

Caregiver Registration (Form No 7)

Caregiver Form 7

Please spread the news! Apply for exemption! NB:

The Act states clearly that the NMW cannot be waived by employees, and no attempt to reduce working hours or contract out of the NMW, will be valid – even with employees’ permission.

NMW ACT 9 of 2018

NMW Regulations

SANC Clarification

SANC Clarification Regarding New Curriculum

How to Collect your Social Security Grant

SASSA Social Security Grant Collection


October 2018 Payment Notice to Beneficiaries

The Constitutional Court Ruling on TES 


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