1. Why do I need Professional Indemnity Cover membership?

Any Health Care Provider who works in a hospital or healthcare facility must have Professional Indemnity Cover which is aimed to provide protection against financial loss resulting from a legal liability to a third party.
The cover is in the name of the individual and the policy therefore belongs to the individual and not to the agency or employer. The employee is therefore covered for a twelve month period and the cover is independent of the workplace or employer.

2. I changed my bank account details. Can I contact you telephonically to update my information?

No.  You need to fill in a “Change of banking details” form, which requires your full name, Identity Number, signature and new banking details.  Alternatively you can send a letter from your banking institution to confirm your new bank account details.  This is to prevent fraudulent action by someone on your behalf.  Written confirmation of change in banking details will serve as proof of the change on your personal profile.

3. I would like to apply for a vacancy advertised. What documents do I need to submit with my application form?


We require copies of the following certified documents:

  1. Identity document
  2. SANC (South African Nursing Council) Certificate
  3. SANC license to practice for the year (SANC receipt)
  4. Professional indemnity cover membership (current and paid-up)
  5. Proof of Hepatitis B immunity
  6. Curriculum Vitae, with detailed work history and contactable references.

4. What must I do when I sustain an injury whilst I am on duty?

  • Report the incident to a shift leader or unit manager of the ward where the accident has occurred immediately.
  • Notify the Health and Safety Coordinator of the Hospital or the Night supervisor if the injury occurred after hours.
  • Notify OUR consultant-on-call even if the accident occurred after hours or over a weekend.
  • Do not leave the Client’s premises before you have been attended to by the emergency department’s medical officer.
  • The  consultant will also provide information regarding the necessary documentation that need to be sent to the office on the first working day following the incident.
  • All injuries-on-duty must be reported within 24 hours.
  • Read OUR Injury on Duty Policy for more information.

5. Can I arrange my own work at your Clients?

No.  OUR nursing agency is the service provider of health care staff to various clients and is therefore responsible to provide a service to both the Clients and the staff.  You can contact the staff consultants to give your available dates for shifts and the staff consultant will then book you at the Client based on your availability.  This forms part of maintaining the Client-Service Provider relationship as well as the Employer-Employee relationship.

6. What is the amount of Tax deduction on my shift payment and how does it work?

Tax deduction is based on two main principles.  These are:

  1. Your employment status (declaration)
  • If you have another source of income, tax deduction for shifts worked through OUR SERVICE PROVIDER will be 25% based on SARS tax deduction guidelines.
  • If you only receive your income from OUR SERVICE PROVIDER and you do not have another source of income, your tax deduction will be according to the SARS tax tables, either weekly or monthly tax – depending on your payment frequency.


  1. Your payment frequency
  • If you do not have another source of income and you choose to be paid weekly, your weekly payment amount will determine the tax amount to be deducted.
  • Weekly tax is higher than monthly tax according to the SARS tax tables

The tax tables are available on the SARS website.  Visit http://www.sars.gov.za/Tax-Rates/Employers/Pages/Tax-Deduction-Tables.aspx

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